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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Kathryn G Howell 2016 Performance Compilation

Commercial -

Voice Over Reel -

Film -

Individual Film Director and Cast Behind the Scenes interviews:

Kathryn Howell

Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor
Roberto Mighty

Short Film -
'Peach Pie' (18 minutes) 

Adapted from poem by 
Charles Coe

This interview is about the creative process as a member of the 'Peach Pie' cast.

Monologues -

Dramatic Monologue, Two Versions (4 minutes)

Kathryn Howell

Director, Director of Photography, Editor
Roberto Mighty

Girls On The Porch
by William Derringer

Act I  (1 Act Play)  Scene IV

Set in a small, poor city neighborhood in the NorthEast, this One Act play, Girls On The Porch, takes best friends Jeanie and Ruthie from age 15 in 1953 to 45 (1983) in 10yr jumps without break, at least one actress "changing" on stage during each 10 yr transition.  This monologue of Jeanie's is taken from the third of these four "scenes" and finds both "gilrs" hanging out after Jeanie's youngest daughter's graduation. Jeanie is drunk and disorderly leading up to this monologue at which time disorderly turns to sarcasm, self-pity, and fear.

Compilations -

Kathryn G. Howell 2016 Performance Compilation 

Kathryn G. Howell 2012 Performance Compilation 

Music Videos - 

Jazz Duo Roberto Mighty and Kathryn Howell

Roberto and Kathryn - Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most 
                                         by Landesman and Wolfe

Roberto and Kathryn - Beneath An August Sky 
                                         music and lyrics by Kathryn Howell

Roberto and Kathryn - Unlike You 

                                         music and lyrics by Kathryn Howell

Fitness Videos - 

Gimme 5 in the Office - Wake It Up

Gimme 5 in the Office - Terms

Gimme 5 in the Office -  Pain In The Neck

Gimme 5 in the Office - Shrug It Off

Gimme 5 in the Office - All About Arms

Gimme 5 in the Office - Back Pain BeGone

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer 2016 Update ~

June/July/August. . . where did they go?!?!?! Up in a cloud of MUSIC and THEATER!!!  

June 2md ~   Roberto Mighty and Kathryn Howell's Jazz/Art Happening 'Bittersweet' was a blast!!!! Originals and jazz/pop standards, plus a spoken word piece and our original projections:  we were in heaven having Internal Matter packed and buzzing.  Special thanks to Fort Point Theatre Channel for sponsoring the show; and to Brian Bresnahan for being the host with the very MOST and making Internal Matter bistro the hippest venue in town! 

June 17 - 19th ~ Father's Day weekend found Roberto Mighty and I (Roberto & Kathryn) playing full 7 sets in the Midway Studios lobby (15 Channel Center Street).  Some new originals as well as our usual fare of standards; it was a blast to play to a host of friends and fans and LOTS of new faces (and ears!)!  Looking forward to playing at Open Studios again this fall, October 4 - 16.

June 28th ~  Invited by Marc Miller of the Fort Point Theater Channel to direct a short play. 'Brides Look Forward' by John Meyer for the Basra/Boston Project, mid June found me in rehearsal and finally the reading at UMass Boston.  Thanks to Roberto MightyKippy GoldfarbJohnny Quinones,Sally Nutt, Rick Winterson, and Karen Alvarado for each bringing their talents to this great cast. Thanks, too, to Marc Scott Miller and Fort Point Theatre Channel for connecting us all to this worthwhile project of inter-cultural connection through the arts.  The Project will now be moving into its next phase this fall with staged readings of the two plays as well as the art exhibit and other live performances.  More on that soon!

July 8th ~  What a beautiful experience.  Thanks to Michael RichardsSuzanne Louise, and the Falmouth Congregational Church in Falmouth, ME for inviting us to be part of their coffee house series. A beautiful hall with great lighting and acoustics filled with a big, welcoming, and attentive audience: what more could any musician ask for?!? A total delight! Much gratitude!

July 24th ~ Roberto & Kathryn played at L'Aroma Cafe in West Newton to a packed house.  Another new original unveiled amongst our favorite tunes. . . . a delight to see friends and fans and newbies!

August 12th ~ back in Worcester at UMass Medical for an instructional nursing video shoot.  Great director, Sabrina Avilés, and production team; and my fellow actress was fantastic,  What an easy and thoroughly enjoyable shoot!

August 14th ~ Return to L'Aroma to play to another packed house:  R&K were cooking and happy!  Can't wait for the next gig in September (Roslindale Porchfest). 

In between these dates?  I've been working on more new tunes, movie short scripts, hanging with the WIF crowd at their annual bbq up in Gloucester, seeing Tuck and Patti and the Regatta Bar (OMG!!!!) ; and celebrating 'Peach Pie' being accepted into first the International Movie Shorts festival in Hollywood; and more recently being named Official Selection at Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Atlanta, GA, October 6-11th! Kudos to our awesome Boston cast and crew. They'll also be honoring Ava Duvernay, Shonda Rhimes, Tyler Perry and Omari Hardwick. WOW.!

Live, laugh, and love ~

Thursday, May 19, 2016

April 30th, I directed 'The Blue Tent' - a phenom 10min play by Gino DiLorio - for the 18th annual Boston Theater Marathon.

Powerful two man cast in Bob Pemberton as Eden (man in the tent) and Rick Winterson as Frankie.

Already looking forward to next year's BTM.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

'Terms of Engagement' screen play - nearing completion

Cast & Director of 'Terms of Engagement' at the Firehouse Center for the Arts' New Play Fest 1/30/16
Based on the 10min play of the same name, it's enlivening to see this, my first attempt at screen writing, coming together!  With partner and DP for the project, Roberto Mighty, as well as the stage production cast of Robin JaVonne Smith, Rick Winterson, Janelle Mills, and Phil Thompson all on board; a late spring shoot is now looking likely!  Excited?  You bet!