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About Me

Photography:  Roberto Mighty
On Camera, Modeling, and Voice Over talent , I've been doing this work for 25yrs.  Need I say more?.

As an Equity actress, I was fortunate enough to work in a number of great New England theaters (Worcester Foothills, Gloucester Stage, The Charles Playhouse, The Wilbur Theater) before leaving the boards to raise my two boys. Well worth the sacrifice; but I am now exploring ways of getting back to this artistic arena as well as film . We'll keep you posted on that. . . 

Professional Vocalist currently singing jazz/blues/originals with my wonderful life and musical partner, guitarist/singer/film maker/artist, Roberto Mighty. Our debut album, 'Don't Explain' was released last November and is available via Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody and all other major music distrigbutors worldwide.  We have many videos on our YouTube channel: our most recent ones shot during a featured show for Live at Center Stage; and may be seen on their website or our own ( ). You can access all of our other videos through ReverbNation. 

My continued forays back into the world of visual art continues to be enlightening and inspiring and I'm looking forward to more!  

 Mens Sana in Corpore Sano ; ) Yes, I am also a Fitness Professional - teaching a number of regular classes in spinning, pilates, aerobics, flexibility, and muscle conditioning for the West Suburban (Newton Corner)YMCA; I also personal train out of my home studio. Some of my current certs include: ACE - personal training, AFFA and YMCA - group training, Physical Mind and YMCA - Pilates, Schwinn - spinning, and Yoga Fit - uhhhh, Yoga.  ; D