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Monday, August 13, 2012

Scene Study: Dramatic Monologue, Two Versions (4 minutes)

Kathryn Howell

Director, Director of Photography, Editor
Roberto Mighty

Girls On The Porch
by William Derringer

Act I  (1 Act Play)  
Scene IV

Set in a small, poor city neighborhood in the NorthEast, this One Act play, Girls On The Porch, takes best friends Jeanie and Ruthie from age 15 in 1953 to 45 (1983) in 10yr jumps without break, at least one actress "changing" on stage during each 10 yr transition.  This monologue of Jeanie's is taken from the third of these four "scenes" and finds both "gilrs" hanging out after Jeanie's youngest daughter's graduation. Jeanie is drunk and disorderly leading up to this monologue at which time disorderly turns to sarcasm, self-pity, and fear.